Since buying Hector, I have started taking the train to and from work. This usually takes me an hour and a half considering that I work somewhere in outer Mongolia! (OK – a slight exaggeration.)

In order to keep myself occupied, I’ve started using the time to my advantage and have started catching up on all the American series’ that I watch (Vampire Diaries, Hawaii 5-O, The Mentalist, Nikita, 90210 etc….). I’m currently up to date on all of these so I thought I’d start watching a new one (hey – I have to use the time on the train!) so I downloaded True Blood. I’d heard good things about it so I thought I’d give it a go.

I work along a popular route you see and my train gets quite packed. I’m fortunate however to be able to grab a seat as I get on at the very first stop. I usually choose a two seater and sit next to the window. Just because it’s a little secluded and I’m not in a bay of 4 or 6 and have to rest my netbook on my lap (the two seaters have the fold down trays).

There I was this morning watching the very first episode of True Blood when up pops the image of a woman’s breasts and the scene goes on to show a man with his face in a very sensitive area of hers (tastefully done obviously)! OK – so it wasn’t on there for long – 2 seconds at the most but it felt like a minute to me. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone on the train because I didn’t want them to think that I was watching porn (Not that there’s anything wrong with watching porn but a time and place people!) God knows what the lady sitting next to me must have thought! I spent the next 30 minutes apprehensively watching the rest of the episode praying that nothing of the same nature came up.

Maybe I should rethink my choice of train appropriate viewing material!


4 thoughts on “Mortified

  1. haha! i read that it becomes very kinky later on. and have you seen their rolling stones magazine cover? yowzaaaaaa!Your posts are so funny lately 🙂 good stuff, Scrumps, seems like this year's going to be better for you huh?

  2. PR: I know – but it's still highly embarassing! :S~ lo$t $oul ~: Oh no! Really?! I might ahve to save this for the comfort of my own house then!Seesaw: I haven't but I guess I should look into it. Kinky sounds good!And maybe it will be. If not, we play with the cards that we are dealt.

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