It Can Only Get Better!

I bet you’re dying to know how the “meet-up” went?

Piss poor really. There are plenty of other adjectives to sum it up but why waste words.

Thankfully it didn’t take place at home. At the last minute, he somewhat redeemed himself and suggested coffee and I may have surprised him at how quickly I agreed!

We both arrived relatively at the same time so at least there wasn’t any awkward waiting around. But there was definitely more awkward moments than needed. He was taller than me – bonus and he was nice enough looking. But that doesn’t mean I found the rubbish coming out of his mouth attractive. I think he found my independence slightly intimidating especially when I had an opinion on stuff. To be fair, I’m sure he’s a very nice guy but he’s just not my very nice guy. And he’s called a few times since but I did tell him on the last call that it won’t work out. I think he was as relieved as I was!

And if you thought that was bad, I have been roped into going into Tamil Speed Dating on Saturday – oh the joys of being single!


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