25 Days in 2011

No not a new film.#

25 days annual leave a year is just not enough. 😦

14 – 18 July: Amsterdam to see Take That perform!

02 – 24 September: Sydney, Australia via Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia (4 nights).

Total number of days taken: 20. 😦 And that’s not even thinking about all the ad hoc holidays I’ll need!

(I’ve already started scoping out where the best places to party are but all suggestions are welcome!)


5 thoughts on “25 Days in 2011

  1. I only get 22 😦 14 days gone just like tht for the wedding with just 8 to spare for xmas 😦 😦 and tht too i dunno how many ill end up wit in case i need adhoc leave 😥

  2. 20 annual and 12 sick leave days for me. I went on unpaid leave towards the end of last year because I travelled so much for my 'volunteer work'. It will be the same this year. I have already used up half of my annual leave and I still have two trips to the UK to go.PR – I work in a NGO and we don't get all the Sri Lankan public holidays. Only ten that are designated by the UN at the beginning of the year 😦

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