After this, I knew the wedding was looming. So every so often I would check the website again to see if they had your wedding photos up. And lo and behold they do now. A little stalker-ish I know but that wasn’t my intention.

I definitely now have complete closure. It still hurts because I invested so much time in “us” and obviously you chose somebody else. But there’s so much that you can’t offer me. The wedding looks like a nice affair. Not how I would have done it but nice nonetheless. Your outfit was probably the wrong choice – it makes you look fat and that’s not meant in a spiteful way but you’ve clearly put on weight.

We’re definitely done.


7 thoughts on “Closure

  1. It does hurt but you have closure now which is definitely good. Someone who can offer you everything you need, want and deserve will come along .. soon .. till then, hang in there and celebrate being you .. hugs …

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