Isn’t It Funny

How life has a way of reminding you of things you want to forget?

Facebook news feeds. With the profile of your wife.

I must have really pissed off Karma.

3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Funny

  1. Dear Scrumps,I've been reading your blog for sometime, on and off.. linked from another blog i sometimes read. I just wanted you to know that I feel what you are going through. well, sort of. I think i'm probably a few years behind what you are going through.I don't know if this helps you, but i wanted to say thank you. reading your blog, reading things that I am feeling exactly, makes me feel less alone in these horrible feelings. My boyfriend of many many years broke up with me a little while ago. he was my best friend. my insides ached and i feel so. lonely. but i've been reading ur blog. i know you've been through something similar and it has helped to read what you have gone through. thank you for sharing. doesn't look like this gets any easier, but i guess it must do with time. it seems to come and go in waves. i hope and pray that you will be happy soon. everythign happens for a reason they say. that's all i can hope to believe in. big hug. thank you for sharing. keep being strong and know that your words help many others.

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