The Lesser of Two Evils

Marrying someone you’re not in love with to escape an alcoholic parent?


Living with an alcoholic parent and wait to marry someone you love?


12 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Evils

  1. oooh :S toughie.very subjective and i will probably be of no help with this answer…1. Love grows with time2. Better the known parent than the unknown spouse? :SAfter all, ur family will always get ur back.

  2. I think marrying someone you are not in love with is a bad call.Marriage is tough enough when you love the person….How about "taking it slow and MOVING IN" with the person said person is not in love with…and then, a few months later, the person moves in with a roommate or such?

  3. Marrying someone you are not in love with, even as an escape, probably isn't a great idea. (See all the news on Kim Kardashian!)I suppose if you can't move out, is the alcoholic a danger to YOU? (I'm sure either way emotionally, but physically?)Such a hard call.

  4. Hi Scrumps..Hang in there… since ur in the UK, is moving out a better option? maybe with a friend? Be careful cos marriage is marriage …getting out of it is tough… big hug…!

  5. i would do 1st option. love is a fairy tale you cant find it in reality.marry the person who loves you not your in love with,because that person never ever runaway. what matters in marriage is understanding,trust,honesty not plays only 25% of the marriage. after all time passes,once this passed you will never ever get back.

  6. you the one who came up with this 2 options, so choose one, face the problem,do not try to avoid (like other people options)or runaway from your problem.others can give you different options but your the one who has to live with the consequences of the decision.this is a classic ex of failure to take decision due to autocratic south asian family system

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