When Road Rage Doesn’t Pay

This morning as I was close to work, a car blitzed by on my right and tried to cut everybody up. And you all know how I feel about this. But because nobody else gave him, I was kind and i did. And he had the audacity to not acknowledge me or say thank you after I gave him way. This obviously pissed me off because:

a) He was in the wrong. Everyone else was waiting and he decided to be a wanker and cut everybody up.
b) I had the common courtesy to give you way, the least you can do is say thanks.

So I flashed my lights at him to which he acknowledged me and put his hand up as a symbol of thanks. I nodded as he looked at me in his rear view mirror.

Nothing more was thought of it, until I saw his car behind me as I took the exit onto our business park. Again, not that big a deal as there a load of companies on the business park. And then I saw him indicate the same time I did to turn into the same building as I do.

Oh shit – he works with me.

And the moral of this story? Try not to get road rage (or any kind of rage) close to your workplace!


2 thoughts on “When Road Rage Doesn’t Pay

  1. Let me add something more try not to get road rage against someone you later discover to be one of your clients. And a important one. Ha ha trust me that is far more embarrassing.

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