My Own Advice

Am I seeing you this week?

Well do you want to come out with me on Saturday night? It’s my friend’s 30th and she’s just going out for drinks. Nothing exciting.

Ok – sounds like a plan.


What shall I wear tonight?

Whatever you feel comfortable in…

Do I need to impress your friends?

Not really. I need to warn you though – no PDAs.

Got it – no PDAs.


Hey guys, this is my friend O.


Girly conversation in toilet

You guys are not friends. He hangs off your every word.

It probably didn’t help that as soon as we sat down, I was pretty much being very tactile with him, hand on his knee, stroking his calf, rubbing his hand etc..

Afterwards, he said to me that I was the one that said no PDAs and I was the one that initiated all physical contact – I couldn’t help myself. We left early and went and had dinner. We walked down Regents Street in all its festive glory. He held my hand and put it in his pocket because I didn’t have my gloves. All very romantic and very much a couple thing to do I think.

And he was on the phone to me keeping me company all the way home.

I think I am slightly smitten!


6 thoughts on “My Own Advice

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  2. Oh my goodness all this time I thought Pda was Personal Digital Assistant I had to google it to realize it also stands for Public Display of Affection (I just thought I will spell it out for other clueless souls like me). Ha ha good on you scrumpy. Not just good excellent! Actually not just excellent Bloody Brilliant. And am so happy for you two.

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