To Love And Lose

I think that I erm….. well I think I might have a boyfriend….

I know that I am going to get hurt inevitably but they do say it’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all right? Not that I am saying I love him – because that would be silly. Completely. But it could happen. In 3 months. In 6 months. Hell, even a year if it lasts that long!

We met up for lunch yesterday. Because I had an interview and I thought it would be nice to have lunch. I am not used to being treated like this. Being told I’m beautiful. Being on the receiving end of such chivalrous behaviour. Being desired. It’s endearing and embarassing at the same time. The intensity with which he looks at me is scary. I never thought anyone would want to show me off to the world. And yet that’s what he wants to do.

So yes, to love and to lose is better than not because at this moment in time, the heartbreak to come seems worth it.


19 thoughts on “To Love And Lose

  1. Lol! Awww – you are so kind to me CJ. Thank you. And he does doesn’t he? He’s a good guy (I think). It’s still early days. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of posts to document this relationship!

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