Customer Services

I guess I’m a little like LD – in the fact that I’ve been told I’ve got a nice voice. Personally I hate it but to each their own.

Customer services annoy me. Just because they really don’t have customer service skills – and the fact that half the time they don’t understand me. Most call centres have been outsourced to India. When I called up my mobile provider today, he told me his name “Alex”. He asked for mine and confirmed all my security details. And then he said – “Oh that sounds like an Asian name – are you Indian?”

“No, my parents are from Sri Lanka”

“Oh, do you speak Tamil or Sinhalese then?”

“I speak Tamil”

And then he decided to talk to me in Tamil for a bit.

I would have carried on talking to him because he had the sexiest voice (after the boyfriend of course!) that I have heard for a long time.

The end of the conversation ended with me actually checking that his name was Alex.. to which he gave me his full name. Alexander Joseph *generic Tamil surname*.

There has been one time in my life where a guy from a call centre actually called me back to find out more about me – totally unethical but I hope Alexander Joseph follows his lead!


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