Start As You Mean To Go On

What can I say – I wasn’t the average person over the holidays but I didn’t lose weight. So being back at work has really given me the kick up the arse I needed. I lost 1.5lbs this week, Could definitely have done with that being a few more but it’s just given me the incentive to try harder. Maybe fit in a little more exercise. However, it doesn’t help when your boyfriend is stick thin with the skinniest arms and legs. Man – he’s so skinny!

Nor does it help when you have weekends and holidays planned! 2012 so far:

January – Brighton (for the weekend)

Febraury – Geneva, Switzerland (for 5 nights). I haven’t found accommodation yet though. It’s proving to be sooooooooo expensive!

March – Miami, FL, USA (for a week)

2012 isn’t shaping out to be too badly but then I am dating a guy who’s not the same religion as me so it probably won’t all be a bed of roses!


8 thoughts on “Start As You Mean To Go On

  1. Have you considered couchsurfing? ( – It cuts down on accommodation costs massively while travelling AND you get to experience life as a local. Win. I’d highly recommend it, even for a couple of nights.

  2. Wooow Scrumpy nice travel plans for the new year! Have you ever thought about cutting down your carbs and increasing your proteins – you need to work out the ratio that is best for you as Zero carbs is also not good but it works really fast.

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