Happy Birthday Baba

Today is your birthday. And I had planned a beautiful romantic trip to Geneva for you. I had even organised a cake (chocolate) to be waiting in the room when we arrived at the hotel. As far as gifts from girlfriends go, I had put so much thought and effort into this. (Because you’d said that the next time you went to Geneva you wanted to go with me!)

I know things are tough right now – the only boy in an Asian family means you have responsibilities. Especially when it comes to organising (one of your three) sister’s wedding. So when you told me you couldn’t come with me today, I was upset. But I understood. Or at least I tried. I tried so hard to be the understanding girlfriend that society deems is what keeps a man around.

Andย I don’t have a back up plan. Which is my own fault. I’m hoping that I am able to see you tonight. To at least give you the card and small gift which seems to pale in comparison now. But even that looks unlikely.

So whilst I realise you are busy and things are tough for you, I hope you realise that I did try.

Happy Birthday Baba. x


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baba

  1. Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and it sucks…
    BUT I’m sure he appreciates all the love that went into planning the romantic surprise (I mean, Geneva? Chocolate cake? Wow!)


  2. aw scrumpy. these things happen. not that it sucks any less. his loss either way. you did your best for him. any guy would be honored. hugs.

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