Gush Gush Gush (Bleurgh!)

I remember our first date – it ended with Baba drinking a whole bottle of wine by himself and him kissing me. Apparently the wine was for Dutch courage – but I tell him that’s a lie!

It also ended with me saying “love you” as he exited the car. He hasn’t let me live it down since. But we all know that I say “love you” to people I really care about(!). It’s like a term of affection – a bit like the whole “fatty” thing. It came out before I could stop myself. Because whilst I wasn’t in love with him, I definitely saw him as a friend.

He was the first to say I love you. And I remember it clearly. My response was erm…. deafening in a very silent way. Because I was so apprehensive about falling in love with this guy. And what could I say apart from “thanks but you really shouldn’t”. It’s frowned upon in society to say I love you so early on in a relationship. Boys run away at the sound of it. And how well do you need to know someone before you realise you love them? That you’re actually in love with them?

“When did you realise that you were in love with me baba?” (Of course I have to ask – a girl needs to know!)

“When I turned up at Victoria station and there you were waiting for me. Patiently and looking beautiful. I thought to myself – ‘this beautiful woman is all mine’”

“Really? But I looked like such a tramp (jeans and oversized jumper – not the most attractive outfit!)!”

“Not at all – I love you when you make an effort but you look beautiful always. I thought to myself ‘forget spending the weekend with this girl, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.’”


“When did you realise you were in love with me baby?” he asks. And I look back and smile. Because it was at this moment – this moment that made me realise that this boy would do anything for me. That he would look after me regardless of whatever may come our way.

Now I can’t stop telling him I love him. Because I do. I am completely in love with him. Just thought you guys should know….


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