It’s Finally Here!

London 2012 people. I cannot stress how excited I am. I have been waiting for this day to arrive for what seems like a lifetime. The Olympics. In my home city. In my lifetime. I know we have had our share of disasters – some a little bit more extreme than others. BUT this is a city that knows how to deal with disasters. We are a people who deal with adversity in the best way we know how – with each other. With the resolve that some people mistake for the British stiff upper lip.

London 2012 is going to be amazing. The vibe that is around the city is intense, immense and overwhelming all at the same time. The diversity that is usually London has only just got better.

I would love to see Team GB smash the ball out of the park at their home Olympics but at the end of the day – everyone will be behind them and will be proud of them no matter what the outcome. Because as a nation, we are soldiers. And we’ll try our hardest to succeed.

So proud to be a Londoner today. Go Team GB!

Let the games begin!


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