50 Shades Over

I’ve finished all three books. And I can only say one thing – For the love of all things humane, please don’t do it.

*few spoilers ahead*

The “plot” (and I use that term very loosely), is central around a young, just graduated girl (Anastasia) who by fate meets this drop dead, mega rich and mega kinky but with a whole load of issues guy (Christian). Christian is into S&M. In fact, he extremely into S&M and he has a penchant for girls who look like Ana (brunette, petite, slim) because they look like his “crack whore” mother who died when he was a child (he is adopted in the “plot” by Angel-like people). He doesn’t do relationships – he does contracts with his submissives. And he tries to rope Ana into signing a contract to be his sub. Ana (the celestial Virgin) runs for the hills at the end of the first book (once she’s had her way with him a few times) because she needs love and affection (as what any girl wants from a relationship).

The second book sees them back together – Christian does not see Ana as a sub. He has greater feelings for her. He loves her. He agrees to try to have a relationship with her and suppress his love for S&M and she in turn agrees to tolerate the easy side of S&M for him. The rest of the book is scenes of fevour love making, a lil’ bit of kinky sex, and their undeniable love for each other. It ends with someone trying to kill Christian (and failing).

The third and final book sees them married (she’s 21 people!!!) and get pregnant (dampener for Christian who just wants to shag his wife for a few years) and face a few more attempts on his life and even Ana’s. And so it goes on. And there’s a happy ever after.

What’s wrong with this book?! Well WTF is right with it?! It is poorly written (says she who writes a blog in 1st/3rd person whenever it suits her!). There are mistakes in the editing. The prose is crap and it’s repetitive. I have read erotic literature and the scenes in these books were the same over and over again. I have never seen the word “carnal” used so many times in my life. It is not erotic literature (unless my mind is far in the gutter that I didn’t find it erotic!). It’s so bad, it’s cringe worthy.

So why is it so popular? Because it is a love story. An intense love story of two people who love each other unconditionally. Because the love that Christian has for Ana is what every woman craves – to be looked after, to be pampered, to feel safe that someone loves us as much as he does. I think that is why women love the book – the sex side of things in the book do not make it worthwhile reading. That’s just something the media has got carried away with.

In conclusion? Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.


5 thoughts on “50 Shades Over

  1. the writing was very very poor. so many editing mistakes for a newyorktimes best seller.
    you are so right, its only the love story that tugs your heart a bit when reading. overhyped and not worth the time. I had a kick reading the review link posted by sunshine junkie.

  2. Right up there with “who the f*** is justin bieber?!!” . Sound Advice @scrumpysleever-heartwearer, only hope they #takeheed sooner than later.

    and uh-oh .. the link in case you start thinking otherwise about that little shit.>> http://bit.ly/hF5wu0

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