Secret Relationships

Baba is a feeder. OMG – more so than my mother! We went out on Saturday night and we got back after midnight and he insisted on making 5 dishes for me to eat with my naan. At that time of the morning, I can only assume he loves me. I would have been happy with one but that’s not the Bangladeshi way apparently.

However, I now know why I am a fatty. Well, why it’s harder to lose weight. Having a secret relationship! Because I don’t always tell my parents where I’m going. And yesterday I went to see Baba and he insisted on feeding me. And then when I got home, my Amma had cooked. I couldn’t really lie and say I’d eaten so I had a few vegetables even though I was stuffed.

So this has to change. I have to stop doing this and be stronger in saying no to one or the other. Oh good times ahead. :S


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