The Aftermath

I hate Valentine’s Day. No seriously. I hate it. And I’m not even single. It’s such an overrated event. I’ve never liked it. Bad memories and feelings of rejection for never receiving a card (Yeah, I should let it go but I’m crazy like that!).

I didn’t organise anything with Baba last year for Valentine’s Day. We’d just started dating and I wasn’t sure what to do. In the end, I got him a card, socks and a world’s best boyfriend mug. In return, I got nothing. That’s right – nothing! And I don’t rarely hold it against him because he was in the midst of organising his sister’s engagement.

This year, I didn’t want to do anything again (yeah, I’m crap like that). He asked me if we were doing anything and I said no. I said I’d put his card in the post and I’d see him another time. So he took this as an opportunity to invite me for dinner and so I said yes. But then on Wednesday, I called and said not to worry – we’ll go out for dinner another time. I had bought my mum a rose, some chocolates and a card and wanted to spend it with her.

He called me on Valentine’s day and said to meet him after work. I caved because I didn’t get around to posting his card and wanted to drop it off.

So cue my lunch being spent trying to find an appropriate gift and a rose. In the end, I gave him a beautiful (well I think it is) photograph of us taken a few weeks ago.

I gave him his gifts and listened to him tell me he didn’t get me anything. And as I wasn’t expecting anything, I wasn’t too bothered. I said we should get ready for dinner and then I could go home. He went into the other room and came back with a single rose, a box of lindt lindor chocolates (the way to my heart – he knows me so well!), some perfume and a beautifully arranged selection of roses and lilies that he had arranged himself (inclusive of vase). It was so thoughtful and lovely of him that I may have fallen in love with him all over again. Is that sad and soppy?

He’s a charmer – that’s for certain. And I am smitten. Of that I am certain.


2 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. My point of view – dont over analyse it! Just enjoy e day and the little extra u go for each other. Haters will hate and there’s nothin u can do abt it. Hub and I get quirky gifts for each other. Last year I got him a table clock that said “sexy boy” !!! It’s still on his desk 🙂

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