What’s That?!

Oh you want me to go to Perth, Australia for business? And you’re going to pay for it?

But I’ve only been at the comapny 4 months – are you sure?

Wow – this is a great opportunity – thank you!


(How amazing that I get to go to the other side of the world ofr work related activities?! I think it’s my time to shine!)


4 thoughts on “What’s That?!

    • OMG – That would be amazing! I get there on a Tuesday late evening so somewhere nice to eat would be nice (doesn’t even have to be nce – just good food!). And I have the whole day Wednesday to explore. A couple more early afternoons and evenings and the weekend so any advice would be much aprpeciated! 🙂

      • Sorry to say that eating out late on a Tuesday isn’t really possible in Perth. Our shopping/eating/bar hours are antiquated. Maybe just room service in the hotel because, seriously, nothing else will be open. Also depends where in the CBD you are staying.

        Eating out for other days, though, I recommend Northbridge, our ethnic eating area – everything from Japanese to Nepalese. Use the free city transport to get around – all green buses are free in the city centre and there is a system of CAT buses that are free all over Perth – they come every five to seven minutes and your hotel will have a map. Northbridge for clubs and bars as well.

        If you are into wine, a wine tour out to the Swan Valley, a beautiful agricultural area 30 mins from the city – anything from a full day, with or without cruise boat component, to just an afternoon.

        For the weekend, take yourself down to historic Fremantle for a day, via train (30 mins) for the markets, a free visit to the shipwreck museum (more amazing than it sounds), Little Creatures (boutique brewery) and the iconic cappuccino strip. Or fresh fish and chips on the waterfront at Fisherman’s Harbour.

        A day trip to Rottnest Island, where you can bike around for the day (cars not allowed) snorkel/dive and meet these amazing little animals called quokkas (think a cross between Kangaroo, Wallaby and groundhog) which live wild on the island.

        There’s a start for you!

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