A new start

At some point I will be starting a new blog. One where I write letters to my ex. To tell him how he made me feel. I wish I could tell you that I am over it. But I’m not. I did not think it would affect me to this extent. Hence why I have been so quiet. I wish life was easier. In fact, I wish a lot of things… But wishes do not always come true. I read some of my earlier posts when we first started dating and whilst I realise that people change – I ask if I just fell in love with the wrong guy. I don’t know. My thought process is all over the place right now. I am in a state of heightened emotion – I ramble.


One thought on “A new start

  1. It took me almost 2 years to get over my ex – then it took several catastrophes related to work and university, before I decided to put my life ‘in gear’ and completely rebuild it. It took about 8 months to do that, but I feel happier than before. As your blog is aptly titled ‘from the ashes’, you can do it !

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