Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder in my case. Baba has gone home for a bit. He left yesterday and I didn’t think it would affect me. I mean I haven’t spoken to him properly for a while. But yesterday when he called to tell me goodbye, it hit me how much I still love him. Am I doing the right thing? Can I work through my insecurities? I don’t know.

Hearing him tell me he loves me did not help. Who knows? Maybe these two weeks will be good for me.


3 thoughts on “Distance

  1. A year before I met my husband, I cut off ties with the first boy I fell in love with. He was my “first” and I loved him passionately. But he was awful to me. We were on and off for 3 years, at his direction. He would call me and tell me he had cheated on me and say things like “while I was with her I thought of you”. It was awful. One day I just decided I was done. No more phone calls, drop ins, nothing. (This was before texts and cell phones.) It took me six months and a lot of “enjoying” being single, and then one day he stopped to visit me at college. I only let him in the living room and was cold. I wouldn’t let him kiss or hug me. When he left an hour later, I shut the door and never looked back.

    I wish you strength and happiness.

  2. be strong scrumpy. its ok to still love him. i was in love with my ex for years after we broke up. but at some point you realize with absolute clarity why it didn’t work. unless the essential reasons for breaking up have changed then there’s no point going back down that road. that being said its only human to keep loving him and remembering the good stuff. just do whatever that is right for you day to day as well as in the long run. hugs.

  3. big hug! Do what feels right in your heart. Sometimes taking a break and thinking through things help. I wish you strength and happiness.

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