So I was wrong

My biggest weakness is not kindness – it’s my ability to do stupid things when I am feeling like shit. I joined Plenty of Fish in a moment of madness. I have heard all about it and how it’s basically like a hook up site. And I am not looking for a hook up! I don’t know why I do this to myself. I know it was just for an ego boost – but I really miss O. Well I miss the familiarity of him. I don’t know. However, PoF has proved to be an ego boost – definitely. But in my moment of weakness, I have agreed to a “date”. What was I thinking?! Arghhhhh.

O getting married to a very young girl – all for money and power. The other woman calls me every day to check if I am OK. Talking to her helps me kind of remain close to O. I want the best for him. I want him to be happy. Truly I mean that with all my heart. I want him to find with someone else what he couldn’t find with me. I gave him my all. I invested my time into him. Time that I won’t get back. How can someone pretend and lie so much? Do people not see the damage the that they cause? The only question I have now is why was I so worthless to him?


2 thoughts on “So I was wrong

  1. I met my boyfriend of over a year and a half on PoF! 🙂 I didn’t find it to be any more of a hook up site than any other dating site I’ve been on. Good luck! Maybe the distraction will be a good thing for you.

    • I forgot that you met BF on there…. I know. It has been an amazing distraction. And that’s all it is. A distraction! But more posts to come about the trials and tribulations of online dating!

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. x

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