I spent my time in the shower this morning crying. I don’t even know why. Well I guess I kind of do. Why did God put me through such heartbreak? Like what did I do that he thought that I needed that lesson? I have been thinking a lot about what happened with me and O. And everything I felt just feels so worthless. What a waste of 4 years of my life.

I have been on some dates with someone. I think he likes me. But I am so scared to give myself up to that again.  He appears to be the complete opposite of O. But then I was such bad judge of character before, what says I won’t be again.

How can someone enjoy their own company and still feel lonely?

Why do I overthink things?


One thought on “Untitled

  1. have some Faith. If he likes you, give him a chance and be happy. I’m going through a tough time myself… moving on is the hardest. But let’s believe that good things can happen too. 🙂
    Good luck!

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