The Wrong Signature

Yesterday as I typed my (LONG) surname into an email, the spellcheck highlighted it. Now this is not strange as there are so many letters in it so sometimes I mistype them. As I checked, I coudl see that I typed it right so why hadn’t it been picked up by my aceepted words that are in the dictionary?


As I checked my email signature, I saw that I had typed my name in incorrectly the first time and this is what I had been sending out all this time.

#sadtimes when you can’t even spell your own surname.

Sleep When You Should Be

Baba is a night owl. When we first starting dating, we did the whole late night phone calls and texts. As our relationship has progressed, this has obviously toned down (awww I miss the joys of the honeymoon period). However, Baba’s night owl traits continue. Regularly, I will wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and see missed calls/text messages at completely un-Godly hours of the early morning.

Sometimes, I will get a text saying “love you” which always makes my heart swell. And most often than not, in a sleep induced state and with only one eye open, I will text back – “love you too”. This is the way we are.

But the other night, I awoke in the middle of the night and sent a text “kiss. x” to Baba. Or well it looked like Baba in my induced state and with only one eye open. And I realised as soon as I pressed the send button that it wasn’t Baba but a male acquaintance. I was mortified. Quickly sent him another text to apologise (he must have loved me texting him at 2:00am!) and then sent the kiss text to Baba.

Moral of the story – sleep when you should be. Don’t text.

Word of Advice

Don’t make out in your car in a private car park and get locked in so that you can’t get your car out.

Especially if your boyfriend has to run home, get a hammer and illegally break open the lock on a disused gate so you can get home.

And then don’t proceed to drive on the pedestrian path to get back onto the main road.

Definitely not cool. But it might will  reaffirm your faith that your boyfriend will do anything for you.

When Road Rage Doesn’t Pay

This morning as I was close to work, a car blitzed by on my right and tried to cut everybody up. And you all know how I feel about this. But because nobody else gave him, I was kind and i did. And he had the audacity to not acknowledge me or say thank you after I gave him way. This obviously pissed me off because:

a) He was in the wrong. Everyone else was waiting and he decided to be a wanker and cut everybody up.
b) I had the common courtesy to give you way, the least you can do is say thanks.

So I flashed my lights at him to which he acknowledged me and put his hand up as a symbol of thanks. I nodded as he looked at me in his rear view mirror.

Nothing more was thought of it, until I saw his car behind me as I took the exit onto our business park. Again, not that big a deal as there a load of companies on the business park. And then I saw him indicate the same time I did to turn into the same building as I do.

Oh shit – he works with me.

And the moral of this story? Try not to get road rage (or any kind of rage) close to your workplace!

Pre-Christmas Gripe

I know I haven’t blogged but it’s been a busy month and I have yet to upload my Athens or Budapest photos but those posts will follow over the next few days (she said quite optimistically!).

Athens was interesting – and here comes my gripe. Recently heartbroken girl (me btw!), newly married friend (B) and recently engaged friend(St) travelling. A lil‘ sympathy wouldn’t go amiss right? I mean – I am happy to embrace all things wedding and coupley but seriously – all the fucking time?! Give me a break. There were more times than I would have liked where I was totally excluded from the conversation. You’d think that as my friends – they would have sensed the tone but apparently my lack of input into the 500th of these conversations didn’t make a difference!

And as the weather worsens in Britain, my lack of not attempting to travel to B’s Christmas dinner has been discretely broadcast against me on FB! I’m sorry – because I was sensible and didn’t want to risk my life or my car, I’m a bad friend.

And here begins the first of my resolutions for 2011

  • Stop trying to please everybody.


Whilst at the cash point waiting for some money, the wind decides to put me in a very Marilyn Monroe-esque moment by shooting up my skirt and leaving me scrambling around trying to preserve my dignity (of which I am sure that I have absolutely none now!) whilst trying to ensure that no one runs off with the newly withdrawn cash.

Not pretty and definitely not cool!