How long as it been?!

Oh gosh, it has been so long. Nearly two months. A quick summary of my life:

Two trips to the USA. The first incorporating Whittier, CA (a sleepy “city” where the highlight of my trip was being the only non-Mexican in a Mexican supermarket – so much fun!), Portland, OR (which has firmly become my favourite city (a whole separate post when I get some time!)) and King of Prussia, PA (to visit our offices and where it rained the whole time I was there!). I think I ate a years worth of food in the two weeks I was away this time round.

The second trip was just 4 short days to KOP where the sun shined gloriously until today (when I am about to leave!).

In that time, I have had one date. I had been speaking with this guy for like a month before we met up. In fact, I thought he was super nice considering he made the effort to text me every day whilst I was away and not once did he ask me for a “picture”. We met up shortly after I got back from my first trip away and I thought that it went rather well (just goes to show how much I know!). A few days after though, I could feel that he wasn’t feeling me – you just know right. So I asked him what the deal was, we’d been getting on well, he’d even kissed me so I wasn’t hideous(!). But he said, that it’s probably best that we don’t “see” each other. I will be honest and say I was slightly disappointed (because personality wise – we got on) but hey – if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. Better to cut our ties early rather than late. I deleted all traces of him from my phone book and phone.

Other random news – I dropped my phone whilst I was out here in KOP and it now refuses to turn itself back on. AND I am pissed because I never backed up any of my photos.

I return back to London this evening, where I will need to do some “laundry”, pack and then I leave on Wednesday again for India. This time for pleasure as my friend has her destination wedding.

This is clearly a filler post – I’m sorry that I have to subject you to these random writings! 🙂

Never Start A Diet Just Before The Festive Season

I joined WeightWatchers 3 weeks ago. Because in 3 months I turn 30 a milestone birthday. And I have seen a beautiful dress that I want to wear. And I want to look all glam (what girl doesn’t?!). So far, I have lost seven and a half pounds. That’s half a stone! I’m well impressed. But in the build up to Christmas I don’t think I’ll survive! Wish me luck! 🙂

Who Can?


Yes – that was a really poor pun. What to do?

I am going to do the Dukan Diet I think. I’m still contemplating it. I’ve read lots but I’m going to have to plan what I can and can’t eat.

Will let you know when I’ve started! :


My lunch was today:

  • Muruku
  • Vadai
  • Milk toffee.

I lurrrrrrrrrrrve milk toffee.

(Did I mention that diabetes is hereditary in my family?!)