How long as it been?!

Oh gosh, it has been so long. Nearly two months. A quick summary of my life:

Two trips to the USA. The first incorporating Whittier, CA (a sleepy “city” where the highlight of my trip was being the only non-Mexican in a Mexican supermarket – so much fun!), Portland, ORĀ (which has firmly become my favourite city (a whole separate post when I get some time!)) and King of Prussia, PA (to visit our offices and where it rained the whole time I was there!). I think I ate a years worth of food in the two weeks I was away this time round.

The second trip was just 4 short days to KOP where the sun shined gloriously until today (when I am about to leave!).

In that time, I have had one date. I had been speaking with this guy for like a month before we met up. In fact, I thought he was super nice considering he made the effort to text me every day whilst I was away and not once did he ask me for a “picture”. We met up shortly after I got back from my first trip away and I thought that it went rather well (just goes to show how much I know!). A few days after though, I could feel that he wasn’t feeling me – you just know right. So I asked him what the deal was, we’d been getting on well, he’d even kissed me so I wasn’t hideous(!). But he said, that it’s probably best that we don’t “see” each other. I will be honest and say I was slightly disappointed (because personality wise – we got on) but hey – if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. Better to cut our ties early rather than late. I deleted all traces of him from my phone book and phone.

Other random news – I dropped my phone whilst I was out here in KOP and it now refuses to turn itself back on. AND I am pissed because I never backed up any of my photos.

I return back to London this evening, where I will need to do some “laundry”, pack and then I leave on Wednesday again for India. This time for pleasure as my friend has her destination wedding.

This is clearly a filler post – I’m sorry that I have to subject you to these random writings! šŸ™‚

When Your Selfie is Fire*

*I believe that this is the term that all the cool kids use when they post a selfie that is on point! I had a date on Saturday night. So I made an effort and when I looked at myself in the mirror – I scrubbed up alright. I know make up makes big difference. Because I rarely look this good, I took a few selfies (as is the norm nowadays!) and one was particularly flattering. So I milked the ish out of it. I posted it as my WhatsApp display picture and guess who decided to message me… this guy! Low key I was super gassedĀ because of how I felt here but at the same time I’d forgotten about him. Onwards and upwards! This post is merely just to show how true this meme is! (I’m all about meme life!)


But on a side note – I will be off to the land of the free in just over two weeks and I am excited! šŸ™‚


Baba and I went to 2 weddings over the weekend for people that he knows. We hadn’t seen each other all week. I really think absence makes the heart grow fonder. Highlight was him making sure all my pieces of lamb were off the bone as he put it onto my plate. The simplest gesture with massive amounts of love.

On another note, S text me yesterday. I am used to the Happy New Year/Merry Christmas texts – I haven’t ever once responded to any of them. And I always assumed them to be generic – sent to everybody in his phone book. But this one, this one was different. “Hello stubborn female”. Really? What does he expect? For me to text back and forgive him? Let him back into my life.

I won’t respond but I hate when he does things like this. Throws me off my path in life.

Customer Services

I guess I’m a little like LD –Ā in the fact that I’ve been told I’ve got a nice voice. Personally I hate it but to each their own.

Customer services annoy me. Just because they really don’t have customer service skills – and the fact that half the time they don’t understand me. Most call centres have been outsourced to India. When I called up my mobile provider today, he told me his name “Alex”. He asked for mine and confirmed all my security details. And then he said – “Oh that sounds like an Asian name – are you Indian?”

“No, my parents are from Sri Lanka”

“Oh, do you speak Tamil or Sinhalese then?”

“I speak Tamil”

And then heĀ decided to talk to me in Tamil for a bit.

I would have carried on talking to him because he had the sexiest voice (after the boyfriend of course!) that I have heard for a long time.

The end of the conversation ended with me actually checking that his name was Alex.. to which he gave me his full name. Alexander Joseph *generic Tamil surname*.

There has been one time in my life where a guy from a call centre actually called me back to find out more about me – totally unethical but I hope Alexander Joseph follows his lead!

To Love And Lose

I think that I erm….. well I think I might have a boyfriend….

I know that I am going to get hurt inevitably but they do say it’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all right? Not that I am saying I love him – because that would be silly. Completely. But it could happen. In 3 months. In 6 months. Hell, even a year if it lasts that long!

We met up for lunch yesterday. Because I had an interview and I thought it would be nice to have lunch. I am not used to being treated like this. Being told I’m beautiful. Being on the receiving end of such chivalrous behaviour. Being desired. It’s endearing and embarassing at the same time. The intensity with which he looks at me is scary. I never thought anyone would want to show me off to the world. And yet that’s what he wants to do.

So yes, to love and to lose is better than not because at this moment in time, the heartbreak to come seems worth it.


Is it important that someoneĀ you want to be with has more in common with you religiously/culturally? Or that that someone loves you, makes you feel as though you’re the most important thing in their life, will go out of their way to look after you?

I’ve always made such a big deal about the guy I end up with being Tamil. Just because of the language barrier but languages can be learnt right? People are supposed to get wiser as they get older! WTF happened to me?!