• Do (most) men never call when they say they will?
  • Am I always hungry?
  • Can’t I be one of those people who can eat anything and everything and not put on any weight?
  • Did I choose kickboxing?
  • Do people try and push me off the bus before the doors have even opened?!
  • Is my job so boring?
  • Am I so poor?
  • Am I still single?!
  • Do I commit to things that I know that I’ll not be able to follow through?
  • Am I so L A M E?!

The above is just a quick vent of things that I am questioning at the moment!


8 thoughts on “Why…

  1. Why men never call? I think they just tell you they will call to keep you interested…..and then they know that you are waiting for that all important call so they get this wicked sense of satisifaction by making you wait for it. That’s what I always believed. Make sense?

  2. SIMM: I totally agree!QFAP: Lol – I should try!N: Lol – maybe it’s just you!Kalusudda: I try but I have a fear that the doors will close without me getting off and me harassing the driver to stop and by the time he does, I have miles to walk back!Thackshila: Because it’s the most important! :-PGA: I should try going there then!~ lo$t $oul ~: I guess so!

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